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Sports Therapy is primarily focused on the rehabilitation of injuries and the prevention of future injuries. It helps in working with clients to bring them to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. It uses the principles of sport and exercise science to prepare clients for training, competition and work.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy will help you in 3 main areas

  • Provide the immediate treatment of injuries
  • Provide ongoing care and rehabilitation of injuries through soft tissue treatment and exercise guidance. Exercise therapy will be a combination of 1:2:1 work in the treatment room and also up in the gym.
  • Improve sporting performance through exercise guidance and soft tissue treatment.
Sophie Baldwin - Sports Massage

Sophie Baldwin – Our Sports Therapist

Sophie is a Level 3 sports massage therapist and fully insured member of the Sports Therapy Association. She has spent the past few years running her own business – BWD Sports Therapy – offering sports massage at outdoor events throughout Sussex.

Her interests include Crossfit, weightlifting, running and cycling. She has a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition as well as the role that massage can have in self care and recovery.

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