Sports Therapy and Massage

Lots of issues can be helped with Sports Massage:

Sports Massage in Haywards Heath

Sports Massage in Haywards Heath

Effective, Professional Sports Massage Therapy

In clinic, we find that many problems have their roots in the muscles. Our Sports Massage Therapists are skilled in the treatment of sports and exercise-based injuries such as muscle strains and joint sprains. Their range of massage techniques is effective for more than just the treatment of injuries. They are also experienced in the treatment of discomfort and pain that comes on over time and is caused by tight muscles and a lack of flexibility through the body.
So whether you are struggling with lifting weights in the gym or have had enough of shoulder discomfort while working from your computer, Sports Massage could give you back the flexibility to bounce back.


It doesn’t matter if you have a recent hamstring niggle while running or have had months of low back discomfort after a day working, we will work to ease any knots in the muscles and stretch out the soft tissues of the body. Our treatment will aim to get you over any injuries, improve your flexibility to prevent future injuries and leave you better able to deal with the demands of life.

Our Sports Massage Therapists

Our therapists are experts in their field and passionate about what they do and achieving success with their clients. They have each established their own successful Sports Massage businesses before joining us at Mid Sussex Osteopaths. They are our go to therapists for focused work on the muscles of the body. To find out more about them, go to our team page

Leigh Smith - Sports Therapist

Leigh Smith – Sports Massage Therapist

Leigh is a highly qualified and experienced sports massage therapist having run his own successful clinic in Burgess Hill for several years.

Running is his passion and speciality. As well as treating runners, he is a qualified running coach (VDOT-certified and Coaching in Running Fitness accredited with English Athletics) and is Head Coach for Burgess Hill Runners. He is insured with UK Athletics and the Federation of Holistic Therapies. His own personal experience of training for marathons has given him his drive for injury prevention through sports massage.

Sophie Baldwin - Sports Massage

Sophie Baldwin – Sports Massage Therapist

Sophie is a Level 3 sports massage therapist and fully insured member of the Sports Therapy Association. She has spent the past few years running her own business – BWD Sports Therapy – offering sports massage at outdoor events throughout Sussex.

Her interests include Crossfit, weightlifting, running and cycling. She has a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition as well as the role that massage can have in self care and recovery.

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