Sports Therapy and Massage

Our Sports Massage therapists can help you with the following:

Sports Injuries

Injury Prevention

Tight Muscles

Muscle Soreness


Improved Performance

Sports Injuries

Injury Prevention

Tight Muscles

Muscle Soreness

Improved Flexibility

Improved Performance

Effective, professional Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Haywards Heath

Effective, Professional Sports Massage Therapy

In clinic, we find that many problems have their roots in the muscles. Our Sports Massage Therapists are skilled in the treatment of sports and exercise-based injuries such as muscle strains and joint sprains. Their range of massage techniques is effective for more than just the treatment of injuries. They are also experienced in the treatment of discomfort and pain that comes on over time and is caused by tight muscles and a lack of flexibility through the body.
So whether you are struggling with lifting weights in the gym or have had enough of shoulder discomfort while working from your computer, Sports Massage could give you back the flexibility to bounce back.


It doesn’t matter if you have a recent hamstring niggle while running or have had months of low back discomfort after a day working, we will work to ease any knots in the muscles and stretch out the soft tissues of the body. Our treatment will aim to get you over any injuries, improve your flexibility to prevent future injuries and leave you better able to deal with the demands of life.

Our Sports Massage therapists

Our therapists are experts in their field and passionate about what they do and achieving success with their clients. They have each established their own successful Sports Massage businesses before joining us at Mid Sussex Osteopaths. They are our go to therapists for focused work on the muscles of the body. To find out more about them, go to our team page

Kit - Sports Therapist

Kit Liu

Kit is a highly qualified Sports Massage Therapist with a proven track record of success in helping athletes of all levels achieve their peak performance. His expertise extends from treating acute injuries to preventing chronic overuse issues, ensuring that his clients can enjoy the activities they love without pain or discomfort.

Kit’s extensive experience working with elite athletes, including his involvement with the Hong Kong Cycling Team (Asia Games 2014) and the Hong Kong Fencing Team (Olympic Qualifying Games 2016), has honed his ability to identify and address the specific needs of athletes striving for excellence. He tailors his massage techniques to each client’s individual requirements, ensuring optimal muscle function, enhanced flexibility, and accelerated recovery from injuries.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned competitor, Kit’s expertise can help you reach your full potential. His comprehensive approach extends beyond immediate pain relief, empowering you to prevent future injuries and maintain optimal physical performance throughout your training and competition journey.

Liam - Sports Massage Therapist

Liam Laughton

Liam is a seasoned Sports Massage Therapist with a deep understanding of athletic performance and injury recovery. His years of experience as a gymnast and coach have equipped him with a unique perspective on the demands of sport and the importance of restoring optimal physical function.

Liam specialises in treating sports injuries, from acute muscle strains to chronic overuse conditions. He utilises a comprehensive range of soft tissue massage techniques tailored to each client’s specific needs, promoting pain relief, improved flexibility, and accelerated healing.

Beyond sports injuries, Liam is also adept at addressing the aches and pains associated with everyday life. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort from prolonged sitting, repetitive movements, or the stresses of parenthood, Liam’s expertise can help you achieve a more balanced and pain-free existence.

With Liam’s guidance, you’ll not only find relief from your current symptoms but also gain valuable insights into preventing future injuries and optimising your overall well-being.

Nic Robinson

Nic Robinson

Nic studied at the North London School of Sports Massage and is qualified in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy. His treatments include assessments of biomechanics, specialist massage and soft tissue manipulations.

Nic specialises in treatment of neck and back pain, stiff and painful muscles, sprains and other soft tissue injuries. His treatments aim to optimise performance, enhance recovery and prevent future injury. He can also help those suffering from stress and fatigue.

Nic works with a variety of elite sports people as well as those with issues associated with amateur sport, modern living (sitting and screens!) or the march of time.

Nic’s recent sporting endeavours have been to run the Brighton Marathon and cycle up Mount Ventoux. He is now working towards competing at HYROX events.

When not in his clinic, ferrying his children to various clubs, or following his own sporting interests, Nic can often be found supporting athletes on therapy teams all over the world and providing treatment at events such as the London Marathon.

Your first appointment will involve a full medical history and assessment process depending on what has brought you for treatment. You will also be given homecare advice to build on the benefits of treatment in-clinic.

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