3 easy ways to prepare for your first ski trip

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in the UK, with around 4 million skiers hitting the slopes last year. If you want to join them, then you’ll also want to make sure your money is going on a holiday to remember! Here at Mid Sussex Osteopaths, we offer many years of osteopathic &…

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Three ways to make the most of your first snowboard trip!

If this is your first winter out on the slopes, or if you are making a change from skiing, then I’m sure you’ll want to make the most of it. A winter sports holiday isn’t exactly the most relaxing time, as you’ll be pushing yourself to learn a new skill in a very testing environment.…

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Had enough of headaches?

We all get them from time to time. Headaches affect 90% of the population at one point or another and half of us will have had one over the past year according to World Health Organisation statistics. Normally they’re not that big a problem. We can normally pinpoint the reason for them – stress, lack…

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Black friday christmas shopping

Don’t let Black Friday become Bad Back Monday…

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, there’s no escaping it. Christmas shopping is in about to get into full swing. The chances are you’ve started. An organised few may have finished but, for the rest of us, how do we get through Christmas shopping without more than our wallets and purses hurting Plan…

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acupuncture haywards heath

Acupuncture to help with digestive issues

Acupuncture to help with digestive problems   As well as providing us with our daily nutritional needs to keep healthy and strong, eating should be an enjoyable experience. Our amazing digestive system is designed to transport and process the wide variety of foods and drinks we consume each day to fulfil these needs.    In…

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Acupuncture for joint pain 

Some causes and effects of joint problems Lots of people experience joint pain, otherwise known as arthralgia, through damage caused by illness, injury or infection and this can interfere with their ability to move without restriction. Many different health conditions can lead to inflamed and painful joints, such as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, gout and…

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How acupuncture may help with stress

What is stress?   This is how the brain and body respond to the demands placed on them. An actual or perceived threat to someone is known as the ‘stressor’ and their response to it is called the ‘stress response’. Some stress is normal and generates the motivation we need to lead productive lives, but each of…

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acupuncture haywards heath

The menopause process and acupuncture

The menopause: a natural transition from one life stage to another Perimenopause is the first phase in a natural life process where a woman’s ovaries gradually make less oestrogen and she becomes less fertile. Her body then makes its transition over a few months or years to the menopause, when her menstrual cycle and natural…

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How acupuncture can help manage migraines

Migraine is a Western diagnosis for a complex and incapacitating headache disorder that very often runs in families. It’s characterised by recurring moderate to severe headaches that can be accompanied by various associated symptoms such as particular sensitivity to light/sound, nausea and vomiting.   The most recent NICE guidance states that migraine attacks typically last between…

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MSO Running - cycling

Stretches for cyclists

So, with the Tour de France in full flow and many more cyclists out and about making the most of the sun, it’s time to look at cycling. Whether you’re a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) or someone starting to cycle again for the fresh air and fitness, there’s some important things to know.…

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acupuncture haywards heath

Understanding acupuncture

Most people have an idea that acupuncture involves needles, but beyond that, much of it seems to be wrapped in mystery and ideas of yin and yang. So what is it, and how does it help, and will you benefit from it?

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Struggling with headaches?

We all know how uncomfortable headaches can be, and how they can make a day at work that much harder to survive or ruin a weekend at home. And how much worse are they when they last a few days, or keep returning just when you think you are free of them?   Many of…

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What our customers say
  • “I went to see Adam after my Chiropractor closed her clinic to raise her family. After an initial chat I realised that Adam would be able to carry on where my excellent chiropractor had left off. His treatment has helped me enormously & his methods & personality work well for me. Highly recommended.”

    Michael Badrick
  • “I have seen Adam many years ago and came back to see him recently in order he can help my back be tip top for my charity challenge later this year climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Parkinson’s. I have always found Adam to be so professional, very approachable and friendly and the reception staff to at the clinic
    His advice Care and treatment has really helped and more importantly really helped my back.
    I would highly recommend Adam and his clinic.”

    Joan Hallifax
  • “I have seen Adam a few times now and have been very happy with the work done on my shoulder and back. I highly recommend this practice.”

    Christine Best
  • “Highly recommend to all. Adam is superb. He fixed me up and put me back into place on a few occasions. Best advice – don’t suffer and wait for issues to try and heal themselves – Adam is your answer. Proved, tried and tested results. Each time I have left the treatment room fixed and ready for training. Prompt, professional and gets the job done! Thank you Adam”

    Ryan Dudley
  • “Having recently moved to Haywards Heath, I was really pleased to find a practice as good as this one. I have persistent issues with my neck, and after seeing Adam for a few treatments I have had no problems since, and now visit regularly to avoid future problems. I would highly recommend this practice.”

    Oli Robertson
  • “Adam, has for the past two years, kept me fully functional and prepared for each American Football game throughout the summer then Rugby match throughout the winter. I had a previous shoulder injury which I was assured would need surgery, however, 5 session later Adam had it sorted. Cannot praise higher! Thank you!”

    Oli DeRuyter
  • “Can highly recommend Adam. He has treated my wife and I over a number of years for various ailments and always manages to sort us out and keep us mobile. He is very caring and knowledgeable.”

    Rob Drake
  • “Adam Fiske demonstrates great skill combined with remarkable intuition. His ability to focus accurately on the source of pain and to provide long-lasting relief is rare in my experience. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

    Peter Wood
    Chief of Operations, First Base Technologies
  • “Following major orthopaedic surgery I was recommended to see Adam by my case manager. I was impressed with his professional ability and considerate attitude which gave me the confidence to entrust him with my health care and rehabilitation. Adam did a great job in helping speed my recovery and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in similar circumstances.”

    Mike Turner
    Sugworth Farmhouse
  • Suffering as I do from fibromyalgia/CFS and suspected rheumatoid arthritis, health professionals are an important part of the battle in dealing with my varied symptoms! I have tried several osteopaths over the years but then I found Adam. He is a highly skilled and intuitive osteopath and also has that rare thing: excellent interpersonal skills – important since I also have Asperger’s Syndrome (a high IQ type of autism). If you have these kind of conditions and/or have a stressful job as I do – Adam’s your man! Once he’s treated your back, you feel taller and like the world doesn’t weigh so heavy on your head and shoulders. Just go see him. Now.

    Didi Barnes
    Chief of Business Operations, First Base Technologies
  • Adam has been treating me for whiplash injuries. A few days before I was due to underake a long drive, my neck and back began to lock up. The day before the drive, my neck became almost unmoveable. I went to see Adam who saw me during his afternoon break as he was fully booked for the rest of the day. In this short space of time, he got my neck and back mobile again and I was able to make the long drive north the next day. This is the kind of caring and understanding attitude that Adam shows to his patients which is very reassuring when you need his expert help.

    Mr G Alder
  • I came to see Adam about 3 months ago as I sustained a whiplash injury several years ago and found that Physio had not given me the improvement I was looking for. I saw an almost immediate improvement and after just a couple of sessions noticed that my pain and discomfort had almost entirely subsided. Adam knew how to treat my injury and is a friendly and informative guy. I would recomend him to my friends and family.

    I.T. Consultant
  • I have old sports injuries that were producing me pain and discomfort, affecting my quality of life, despite having been treated by several specilists. When I tried Mid Sussex Osteopaths, Adam was able to identify and treat the source of my problems, already producing a great improvement after the initial session, and it has only got better afterwards. In addition, he has been happy to accomodate my stringent working and travelling schedule by offering early morning and late evening sessions that made possible for me to continue the treatment, which has made a big difference in my wellbeing. Definitively recommed it to anyone!

    Mr A Herraiz
  • Adam Fiske has always been very professional and is a very likable person. He has been treating my poor back for a few years now and I must say how happy I have been with the treatments. He knows exactly what’s needed and has relieved me of some awful pain and is always happy to provide sound advice. I would recommend Adam to anyone in need of an Osteopath.

    Mrs C Chilmaid
  • We run a successful martial arts club and have used Mid Sussex Osteopaths for some time now and we have been exceptionally impressed with the professionalism in which Adam both diagnoses and treats any niggles we may have. Even though we have approached him with such a variety of problems, he has been able to get us back on our feet quickly, resolving any issues we may have – which is vital in our business. We would quite happily recommend Adam at Mid Sussex Osteopaths to anyone and everyone that requires treatment.

    David & Ian
    Soo Bahk Do Martial Arts Club

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