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Our Osteopaths can help you with a number of different issues including:

Osteopathic treatment

Treating the whole of you

We’re known for our expertise in the treatment of back pain but all joints of the body can be treated using osteopathy. On a daily basis, we see people struggling with neck pain, shoulder discomfort, joint stiffness and postural issues.

Our treatment is accessible to everyone. From office workers struggling with the demands of desk-based work to retired people wanting to keep fit and well, we will work with you to help you get back on track.

How we can help you

It doesn’t matter if the problem has been with you for a week or two, or four to five years, our assessment and treatment will aim to calm your symptoms and ease pain. We then work to unwind any areas of tightness or stiffness that may have caused or maintained the problem.
We use a range of techniques to stretch muscles and improve the range of movement of joints. In improving the way in which your joints and muscles are able to move, we reduce pain and inflammation in a way that aims to leave you pain free and better able to cope with the demands of life.

Our Osteopaths

Our team of friendly Osteopaths have many years of experience and training behind them and have been based in Haywards Heath for many years. We have built a strong word of mouth reputation in the town due to our expertise but also due to the level of care that we take with our patients. We will work with you to guide you with stretches and exercises to do at home and answer any questions that you may have. If you want to find out more about us, visit our ‘team’ page.

For new patients unfamiliar with our treatments please read

What to Expect

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