Coronavirus and Osteopathy:

what you need to know before treatment

Since the onset of Covid, we have put in place all procedures and processes advised by the Governmnet and Public Health England to ensure that the clinic is as safe a place to come as possible, Nevertheless, Covid is still with us so it’s important for you to understand what’s changed and to be aware of any risks involved. These risks are minimal, and we are doing all we can to avoid any possibility of contamination, but the decision to go ahead with treatment must be yours.

If you have any further questions after reading the information below, please contact us.

The Risks

Coronavirus is most easily spread through close contact with a contaminated person.  The most likely mechanism is through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  However, the virus is known to survive on various surfaces for up to 72 hours.

It is possible that a person may be contagious even when they display no symptoms of COVID-19.

It is impossible for us to say that there is no risk of catching Coronavirus whilst at Mid Sussex Osteopaths but, as you will see, we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk to you and will at all times work within the guidelines issued by the Government.

Our Staff

All practitioners at Mid Sussex Osteopaths monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19.

During appointments, our osteopaths wear protective clothing (PPE) in line with Government guidelines (disposable gloves, aprons and facemasks).

Between appointments, our osteopaths wash their hands thoroughly with soapy water, use hand gel and change their gloves and aprons.

Our osteopaths are following government guidelines on social distancing when not at work.  If they believe they might have been in contact with an infected person, they will self-isolate and not attend the clinic.


Before and after clinic sessions as well as between appointments, all surfaces in the clinic which may have been touched are thoroughly cleaned using an alcohol-based solution.  This includes chairs, desks, card machines, pens and door handles.  All floors are mopped with soapy water at least once a day.

We no longer use fabric couch covers nor towels as these are a potential risk. Paper couch covers and hand towels are used instead.

There is a fifteen minute gap between appointments to allow sufficient time to clean and air the room.


All patients are screened before attending the clinic to minimise the risk from an infected person coming to clinic. Initially this is done by a form and followed up with a phone call if needed.

Patients will be asked to wear a facemask of some description. If you do not have a facemask, don’t worry, you’ll be able to obtain one at the Clinic.

Hand sanitiser is available for everyone’s use.

The 15 minute gap between appointments will also minimise contact between patients.

In summary:

Ultimately, we are doing all that we can to minimise the risk from Coronavirus for those coming for treatment. However, we cannot eliminate all risk which is why it is important to have read the information above. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at all.

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