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Essential tips for your Mid Sussex Marathon recovery

Congratulations on finishing the Mid Sussex Marathon! Whether you ran one, two, or all three days of the Mid Sussex Marathon, you’ve achieved something remarkable. Now, it’s crucial to prioritize your body’s recovery. Post-race recovery is a critical phase in your marathon journey. While relaxation may be tempting, several important steps can assist and speed…

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Expert tips for your Mid Sussex Marathon last minute preparations

Are you running the Mid Sussex Marathon this weekend? This blog from Sports Massage therapist, Nic Robinson, will give you expert tips and advice for your last minute preparations and for the day itself. Whether you’re doing one. two or all three races, this advice will help you get the most from this fantastic event!…

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RockTape: Empowering your Active Lifestyle

RockTape: Supporting Active Lifestyles Are you an active person but constantly battling with nagging injuries? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Fortunately, there’s a solution: kinesiology tape. This flexible, stretchy tape can aid in supporting your body’s healing process, movement, and recovery. At Mid Sussex Osteopaths, we swear by RockTape, the top-tier kinesiology tape. Designed to move…

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Unlock Your Running Potential: the Top 5 Essential Mobility Exercises

Whether your running goals are to get faster, run further or stay injury free, mobility is a key part of helping you reach these goals. Here, Nic Robinson, shares his top 5 mobility exercises for fellow runners. Nic is a Sports Massage therapist and runner based at Mid Sussex Osteopaths in Haywards Heath. No matter…

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Our top 5 stretches for lower back pain

If you struggle with low back pain then you probably have a few exercises that you go through to help relieve the pain. You may have been given these by a friend or found them on the internet but are they the right ones to be doing? Every day in clinic we advise patients what…

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Swing into Spring: optimise your golf game this Winter

Is this the time of year when you’re thinking of storing your clubs away in the garage until the return of Spring? Before you do this, did you know that this is actually the ideal time of year to be refining your technique to deal with any issues that might be holding you back, limiting…

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Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with Our Black Friday Sports Massage Special

Unleash the tension and rediscover your peak performance with our incredible Black Friday offer. Enjoy a rejuvenating Sports Massage and pay 20% less when you book your appointment on Friday for any treatment in November or December. Simply use the code BF20 at checkout. Why Choose Sports Massage? Enhance muscle flexibility and range of motion…

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Golfers, Elevate Your Golf Game and Relieve Aches and Pains with Osteopathic Care and TPI Analysis

Golfers, brace for a game-changing experience at Mid Sussex Osteopaths! We’re thrilled to unveil a unique service poised to elevate your golf game. Osteopath and TPI-certified expert, Mike England, now combines TPI analysis and osteopathic treatment, tailored to enhance your golf performance while addressing persistent back and shoulder discomfort. The Winning Formula: TPI Analysis and…

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Swing into Wellness: Introducing our new Osteopath with a golfing specialism!

We are delighted to welcome Mike England to Mid Sussex Osteopaths. Mike is a highly skilled Osteopath with an extensive educational background, broad skill set and a wealth of hands-on experience. He also has specialist training in assessing and treating golfers. Mike holds a Master’s degree from the prestigious European School of Osteopathy (ESO) and…

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