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Our top 5 stretches for lower back pain

If you struggle with low back pain then you probably have a few exercises that you go through to help relieve the pain. You may have been given these by a friend or found them on the internet but are they the right ones to be doing? Every day in clinic we advise patients what…

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Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with Our Black Friday Sports Massage Special

Unleash the tension and rediscover your peak performance with our incredible Black Friday offer. Enjoy a rejuvenating Sports Massage and pay 20% less when you book your appointment on Friday for any treatment in November or December. Simply use the code BF20 at checkout. Why Choose Sports Massage? Enhance muscle flexibility and range of motion…

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Should you see an Osteopath? 🤔

Do you ever wonder if you should see an Osteopath? Have you heard from friends or family  that it may help you but aren’t sure how? If so, you’re certainly not alone. When it comes to Osteopathy, it’s the most searched for query on Google after ‘what should I wear to an Osteopath’. So let’s…

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Our top 5 tips if you’re struggling with low back pain

Are you struggling with low back pain? You’re not alone. Low back pain is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Many things can contribute to it: sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, stress and sometimes, just being unlucky! The good news is that there are many ways to alleviate low back pain and…

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What does an Osteopath do when they get back pain?!

Back pain hits us all from time to time even if you’re an Osteopath. Time to road test the advice we give out on a daily basis…   So there I was last week, happily working away on the laptop whilst listening to some music. A productive day working from home. But I didn’t follow…

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Exercise videos to help you at home

New to Mid Sussex Osteopaths: exercise videos that we can email to you after your treatment…. Have you ever got home and forgotten the exercises that your therapist gave you? Or wondered if you’re doing the stretches properly? Or gazed blankly at a series of stick figures drawn by your therapist, wondering what stretch that…

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What to do about low back pain

Low back pain.   Low back pain is extremely common, with around 80% of us having experienced it at some point. If you’ve not struggled with it yourself, then someone you know will have.   The good news is that it’s rarely very serious, so whilst the pain may be debilitating, it will pass in…

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