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What should I wear to see an Osteopath?

What’s the term most searched for looking into Osteopathy? Low back pain? Sciatica? Nope. Turns out it’s ‘what should I wear to see an Osteopath’.  High time for a blog on then especially after then receiving an email from a patient asking the very same question ahead of her appointment. Definitely time for a blog!…

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Happy Valentines Day!

Does your back need a bit of TLC? Show your back a bit of love this Valentines Day. Stretch it, move it or book yourself or a loved one in for osteopathy or a sports massage and let us work our magic

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Stress Awareness Month 2020

This month is Stress Awareness Month and, frankly, the Stress Management Society couldn’t have picked a better month for it! The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak means that life is changing for all of us and this is manifesting in unprecedented levels of stress. No matter what your age or station in life, this will be affecting…

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Breathe Easy!

It doesn’t come any more fundamental than breathing. Breathing is the first and last thing we do in life. Our life begins with a breath in begins and it ends with a breath out. We are born knowing how to breathe properly; the baby’s tummy bulges out as it takes its breaths in. As adults,…

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Dreaming of a good sleep?

A good night’s sleep is a vital part of our well-being and crucial to our health. There’ll always be the occasional random bad night, but on the whole we should be getting a normal night’s sleep as often as possible. More on ‘normal’ later.  Unfortunately, modern living doesn’t lend itself to good sleep and we…

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Working from home? Here’s how to keep it comfortable

Government advice and instruction in the light of coronavirus has seen many more of us now working from home. This still looks likely to remain the case for a significant amount of time. If this is the case with you, it’s important to get things set up correctly to minimise any undue stress being placed…

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Corona Virus Update

As many of you know, we have remained open for business until now. We closely followed advice and guidelines from Public Health England, the Government and the General Osteopathic Council and made the appropriate adaptations to allow us to remain open. As I’m sure you know, as of last night, the Dolphin Leisure closed. We…

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Shoulder pain and working in an office

The shoulder’s a complicated joint so it’s probably no surprise that there are many different causes of shoulder pain – frozen shoulder, impingement, bursitis, tendonitis, the list goes on…. While all these conditions should resolve over time, often things can drag on and you suddenly realise that that nagging shoulder has been giving you trouble…

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Had enough of headaches?

We all get them from time to time. Headaches affect 90% of the population at one point or another and half of us will have had one over the past year according to World Health Organisation statistics. Normally they’re not that big a problem. We can normally pinpoint the reason for them – stress, lack…

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Black friday christmas shopping

Don’t let Black Friday become Bad Back Monday…

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, there’s no escaping it. Christmas shopping is in about to get into full swing. The chances are you’ve started. An organised few may have finished but, for the rest of us, how do we get through Christmas shopping without more than our wallets and purses hurting Plan…

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acupuncture haywards heath

Acupuncture to help with digestive issues

Acupuncture to help with digestive problems   As well as providing us with our daily nutritional needs to keep healthy and strong, eating should be an enjoyable experience. Our amazing digestive system is designed to transport and process the wide variety of foods and drinks we consume each day to fulfil these needs.    In…

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Acupuncture for joint pain 

Some causes and effects of joint problems Lots of people experience joint pain, otherwise known as arthralgia, through damage caused by illness, injury or infection and this can interfere with their ability to move without restriction. Many different health conditions can lead to inflamed and painful joints, such as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, gout and…

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