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Get rid of the pain in your neck part 2.

Get rid of the pain in your neck Part 2 – Making sure you’re pain free at home In my last blog I gave you some important tips for improving your posture if you work at a desk. But a desk bound job isn’t the only cause of neck pain and what you’re doing at…

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Get rid of the pain in your neck at your desk

Get rid of the pain in your neck part 1.

Have you got a pain in the neck? If you are living with long term neck pain, it can make your life a nightmare. Perhaps it’s a constant grumbling pain that you’re trying to cope with day to day or maybe it’s a pain that flares up from time to time and leaves you really…

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Do you sit at a desk all day?

The pain of being an office worker   All jobs come with their different challenges. And whatever your job may be, it’s likely that it places demands on you that you weren’t evolved to perform.   These days office workers work harder than ever before and in environments that, frankly, don’t really suit you. You’re…

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