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Swing into Spring: optimise your golf game this Winter

Is this the time of year when you’re thinking of storing your clubs away in the garage until the return of Spring? Before you do this, did you know that this is actually the ideal time of year to be refining your technique to deal with any issues that might be holding you back, limiting…

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Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with Our Black Friday Sports Massage Special

Unleash the tension and rediscover your peak performance with our incredible Black Friday offer. Enjoy a rejuvenating Sports Massage and pay 20% less when you book your appointment on Friday for any treatment in November or December. Simply use the code BF20 at checkout. Why Choose Sports Massage? Enhance muscle flexibility and range of motion…

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Should you see an Osteopath? 🤔

Do you ever wonder if you should see an Osteopath? Have you heard from friends or family  that it may help you but aren’t sure how? If so, you’re certainly not alone. When it comes to Osteopathy, it’s the most searched for query on Google after ‘what should I wear to an Osteopath’. So let’s…

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Elevate your holiday experience: tips for a comfortable flight!

With the Summer holidays with us, many of us will be looking forward to a week or two in the Sun. However, the thought of enduring a flight can dampen our excitement. Uncomfortable seating, dehydration, and limited legroom are just a few of the challenges we face when embarking on a plane journey. But fear…

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Don’t let neck pain become become a pain in the neck!

Neck pain can be a real pain in the neck in all senses of the term. Whether it’s caused by poor posture, muscle strain, or underlying conditions, living with neck pain can significantly impact your daily life. In this article, we’ll delve into the common causes of neck pain and what can be done to…

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What does an Osteopath do when they get back pain?!

Back pain hits us all from time to time even if you’re an Osteopath. Time to road test the advice we give out on a daily basis…   So there I was last week, happily working away on the laptop whilst listening to some music. A productive day working from home. But I didn’t follow…

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Exercise videos to help you at home

New to Mid Sussex Osteopaths: exercise videos that we can email to you after your treatment…. Have you ever got home and forgotten the exercises that your therapist gave you? Or wondered if you’re doing the stretches properly? Or gazed blankly at a series of stick figures drawn by your therapist, wondering what stretch that…

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Show your back a bit of love this Valentines Day!

Does your back need a bit of TLC? Show your back a bit of love this Valentines Day. Stretch it, move it or book yourself or a loved one in for an Osteopathic treatment or a Sports Massage with one of our team and let us work our magic! 

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Pain in the Neck

I don’t know how to tell you this…….You’ve got a fat bowling ball head! But don’t worry, we all have. Your head is seriously heavy – around the same weight as a bowling ball. When you bend your head forward, that’s some serious work for the neck to hold it up and stop any topple…

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Do you need stretches to do at your desk? Here are our top 5…

With so many now working from home we are regularly recommending stretches to do at your desk. Since the onset of Covid, many people have had to change their working habits and are regularly working from home. Whilst many are now returning to the office, home working is here to stay for many.  If this…

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Get rid of the pain in your neck part 2.

Get rid of the pain in your neck Part 2 – Making sure you’re pain free at home In my last blog I gave you some important tips for improving your posture if you work at a desk. But a desk bound job isn’t the only cause of neck pain and what you’re doing at…

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Get rid of the pain in your neck at your desk

Get rid of the pain in your neck part 1.

Have you got a pain in the neck? If you are living with long term neck pain, it can make your life a nightmare. Perhaps it’s a constant grumbling pain that you’re trying to cope with day to day or maybe it’s a pain that flares up from time to time and leaves you really…

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