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Exercise. Where to start and why bother? 🤔

Everyone except you seems to be doing it, even your parents are doing it! Obviously I’m talking about exercise…..Whether it’s running, cycling or hitting the gym. Haywards Heath is a town where a lot of people exercise. Which is good, right? Well, yes, unless you’re the one thinking you really should be exercising but are…

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Drink up people!🥤

We’re always told that we need to drink more water and hydration is definitely a cornerstone of health. After all, we’re made up of 60-70% of the stuff and virtually every process in the body depends on water in some form. We’re all taught that in school but what are the real life effects of…

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More simple steps to improve your health and wellbeing

Our last blog looked at improving physical wellbeing. Here, in the second of our blogs on health and wellbeing, our Osteopath Emily Colaluca looks at some simple steps to improve aspects of your mental and social wellbeing. ‘Health’ used to be thought of as being free of illness or disease, we now understand that health…

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Simple steps to improve your health and wellbeing

So, how are the January resolutions going?!  Many of us decide to make some lifestyle changes in January to improve our health and wellbeing. More often than not, this involves a new or improved fitness regime. Whether that’s joining a gym, signing up to Couch to 5K or changing diet, there are many ways people…

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