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Ten good reasons to get walking

When it comes to getting some exercise, people are often at a loss where to begin (or begin again).  You may be considering the gym, swimming, running etc., but somehow, walking is often overlooked.   But it’s what our bodies are made and evolved to do. It’s fantastic exercise for us. And I’m not talking…

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Do you sit at a desk all day?

The pain of being an office worker   All jobs come with their different challenges. And whatever your job may be, it’s likely that it places demands on you that you weren’t evolved to perform.   These days office workers work harder than ever before and in environments that, frankly, don’t really suit you. You’re…

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Don’t stop now if you want to keep going

Here’s the second blog from osteopath Adam Wilson in his series on managing the aches and pains that can creep on when we’re past out prime! It might sound counter intuitive but if you’ve suffered some sort of injury, it’s often better to keep moving than to stop and rest, especially if you’re a little bit…

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